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what is scramble for Africa-history worksheet pdf

what is scramble for Africa-history answer worksheet pdf what is scramble for Africa-history question worksheet pdf

What is scramble for Africa history worksheets consist of questions and answers on all aspects of the scramble for Africa. This History worksheet on the scramble for Africa will answer most questions that students have about this topic. This worksheet answer questions such as what led to the scramble for Africa, when did the scramble for Africa end, why European scramble for Africa, who won scramble for Africa, when did the scramble for Africa happen, what caused the scramble for Africa and more. This scramble for Africa worksheet will help students self evaluate themselves, and teachers to test the knowledge of their students. This history worksheet can be use to help kids of grade 5, grade 6, grade 7 and the 8th. Click the link to the image or pdf link above to download the worksheet on what is scramble for Africa.

What is Scramble for Africa?

A- The claiming of African territory by half a dozen European countries that resulted in
nearly all of Africa becoming part of Europe’s colonial empires.

B- The claiming of Asian countries by Europe
C- The claiming of African slaves by the European in Africa

2. When did the scramble for Africa begin?

A- The 1870s
B- 1900
C- 1980

3. Between 1885 and 1900, European powers were, at times, racing each other to stake
claims in Africa.

A- True
B- False

4. Most Africans resisted being taken over and ruled by foreigners.

A- True
B- False

5. European armies used modern weapons to crush opposition and install authority over

A- True
B- False

6. What kept Europeans from bringing armies and conquering large areas of Africa?

A- Lack of money
B- Lack of armies in Europe

C- High death rates from malaria and yellow fever

7. What did the most powerful European nations prefer in terms of trade?

A- to keep trade open to all
B- to close trade open to all
C- to close trade to Africans

8. Which colony in Africa was one of the earliest British colonies in 1808?

A- Algeria
B- Sierra Leone
C- Ghana

9. Which colony in Africa is France's first colony in 1834?

A- Algeria
B- Tunisia
C- Morocco

10. Which were the two African colonies claimed by Portugal?

A- Angola and Nigeria
B- Cameroon and Nigeria

C- Angola and Mozambique

11. What were some of the largest African states during the scramble for Africa?

A- Zulu state, Tukolor Empire, Mahdist state
B- Mahdist state, Mandinka state, Tukolor Empire
C- Ottoman empire,zulu clan, Tukolor Empire

12. The Largest African states during the scramble for Africa were Muslim states.

A- True
B- False

13. What are the two African countries which were not colonized by Europeans?

A- Mozambique and Liberia
B- Liberia and Ethiopia
C- Angola and Sierra Leone

14. What was known as the Berlin west African conference?

A- A meeting of representatives of 14 European countries and the United States between
1884 and 1885 to deal with matters relating to European trade and territorial claims in

B- A meeting talking about how to put an end to the slave trade.
C- A meeting talking about the nationalism of Africa.

15. The Scramble for Africa helped set the stage for World War I

A- True
B- Fal