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Mfecane war south African history question pdf

Mfecane war south African history question pdf  Mfecane war south African history answers pdf

Mfecane war south African history consists of a series of events that took place during the early 19 century in South Africa.  This worksheet answers questions about the Mfecane war in South Africa such as when did Mfecane war started, why Mfecane war, what is Mfecane war and its causes, why Mfecane spread so far, and more. This worksheet on  Mfecane war south African history consists of 12 questions and answers which respond to all the questions related to the Mfecane war. Students and teachers will be able to use this African history worksheet on Mfecane to test out their knowledge and understanding of this subject. To download this multiple choice question printable worksheet, click on the image above or pdf on the Mfecane war of south Africa.


1. What was Mfecane all about?

A- A period of upheaval in southern Africa during the early 19 century characterized by
warfare between chiefdoms, and mass migrations of numerous other chiefdoms.

B- A period of wide movement in South Africa.
C- A period of conflict in southern Africa.

2. What does the term Mfecane mean?

A- It means “the crushing.”
B- It means “the expansion.”.
C- It means “victory.”

3. The word Mfecane is also known as difaqane or Lifaqane in Sesotho which means
scattering, forced dispersal, forced migration.

A- True
B- False

4. What were some of the causes of Mfecane?

A- Nationalism
B- European colonialism
C- the emergence of the aggressive Zulu kingdom and the intensifying competition for

5. What is the amabutho system developed during the period of Mfecane?

A- A system of law to govern the people
B- A system whereby all the young men of a chiefdom were grouped into regiments
according to their age.

C- A system of expansion.

6. What were some of the purposes of the amabutho?

A- To protect the kings.
B- To uphold the laws of the kingdom.

C- They performed labor, police the chiefdom’s subjects, and defend the chiefdom against
outside enemies.

7. The central clashes of the Mfecane, those that started the early migrations, occurred in an
area that later became known as Zululand.

A- True
B- False

8. During the Mfecane, the Zulu and Ndebele raids depopulated some regions to such an
extent that the whites
(Afrikaners) entering the area believed that they discovered
uninhabited lands for settlement.

A- True
B- False

9. The Mfecane helped stimulate the advance of white settlers into the interior.

A- True
B- False

10. In which year did the Mfecane come to an end?.

A- The 1840s
B- The 1740s
C- The 1940s

11. The Mfecane helped bring about white dominion over southern Africa.

A- True
B- False

12. The Mfecane also helped to create African kingdoms that survived the white territorial

A- True
B- False