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Suez crisis of 1956 history answers worksheet pdf

Suez crisis of 1956 history answers worksheet pdf Suez canal crisis of 1956 history answers and questions worksheet pdf

Suez crisis of 1956 history worksheet consists of questions and answers about the Suez canal conflict which took place in Egypt.  This page consists of 11 questions and made answers in printable pdf which respond to questions such as what is Suez crisis, where did the Suez crisis take place, how did the Suez crisis began, who solved the Suez crisis, who won the Suez crisis of 1956, European powers involved in the crisis and more. This Suez crisis worksheet will be of great help to teachers of African history to better evaluate kids or students on the topic and also be able to prepare a quick lesson plan by knowing what to teach and the right questions to ask on the topic.  Kids of the fourth grade, fifth grade, sixth grade, seventh grade, and eighth grade will also benefit from this worksheet. Click on the image above or the pdf link to download the file Suez crisis of 1956 history worksheet.

1. What is the Suez Crisis?

A- A battle in the Suez Canal between Britain and France.
B- War in the Suez Canal between Israel and France.

C- international battle along the Suez Canal in 1956 that set Egypt against the joint forces
of Israel, Britain, and France.

2. When did the Suez Crisis begin?

A- 1956
B- 1800
C- 1900

3. What led to the Suez Crisis?

A- The rise of the third Egyptian president
Egypt’s nationalization of the strategic waterway (Suez Canal)
C- Nationalism in Egypt

4. What is the name of the Egyptian prime minister who later became president who was
involved in the cause of the Suez crisis?

A- Hosni Mubarak
B- Gamal Abdel Nasser
C- Anwar al-Sadat

5. Which non-African countries were involved in the Suez crisis?

A- UK, France, and Germany
B- British, Israel and France
C- Belgium, Germany and the United States

6. The Egyptian President Nasser, purchased weapons from Czechoslovakia and at the same
time was granted funding for the River Nile project the Aswān High Dam?

A- True
B- False

7. Why did The U.S. secretary of state, John Foster Dulles block the funding of the Aswān
Dam project?

A- Because of President Nasser dealings with Czechoslovakia
B- Because of President Nasser dealing with the United States to secure funding
C- None of the above

8. Why was the Suez Canal (a waterway) so important?

A- because It consisted of pure oil.
B- because It was a main source of income
C- because it provided a strategic channel for massive quantities of oil shipped from the
Middle East to Europe.

9. In the Suez crisis which party was the first to attack?

A- Israelis, British and French attack first
B- Egypt united states and USSR attack first
C- Egypt attack first

10. When did the Suez crisis come to an end?

A- October 1956
B- November 1956
C- December 1956

11. One of the long-term significances of the Suez Crisis is that it showed that the two Cold
War world power (USA and USSR) would intervene decisively—regardless of their
philosophical differences —to control what they perceived as unsafe and pointless battles
between third parties.

A- True
B- Fals