This section on History by grades consists of history by grades. Kids, students and teachers will be able to locate or get access to history materials by grades. This is to organize history resources according to all grades. This cataloguing includes history grade 1 worksheets, history grade 2 worksheets, history grade 3 worksheets, history grade 4 worksheets; history grade 5 worksheets, history grade 6 worksheets, history grade 7 worksheets, and history grade 8 worksheets. This section will include history  grade 1 games, history grade 2 games, history grade3 games, history grade 4 games, geography grade 5 games, geography grade6 games, geography grade 7 games, and history grade 8 games.  There are also history quizzes for grade one, history quizzes for grade 2, history quizzes for grade 3, history quizzes for grade 4, history quizzes for grade 5, history quizzes for grade 6, history quizzes for grade 7 and history quizzes for grade 8. Puzzles and color sheets too are also categorized by grades to simplify location of available resources for kids and students. This unit also consists of history articles for advanced learning students.

Topics for history by grades

This sector covers all history topics by grades. This includes grades 1 to grade 8. However, all the resources accessible on this section could be used for higher educations as well. People with great interest in learning about the history of the world will likewise find these learning supplies very pleasing.