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the kingdom of Aksum history worksheet answers pdf

the kingdom of Aksum history worksheet answers pdf the kingdom of Aksum history worksheet questions with answers  pdf

The kingdom of Aksum history worksheet answers on this page consist of 14 questions and answers in printable pdf format answering all questions about the History of Aksum kingdom. In this pdf worksheet, you will find the answers in green on the second section of the printable pdf, and which questions on the kingdom of Aksum worksheet with the selected answers are found on the last pages. This worksheet is very helpful to teachers to set their tests, prepare lesson plans and for evaluation. Students can also use this worksheet for revision on also for quick learning about the history of the Aksum kingdom. Thes questions and answers are suitable for kids of all grades, special kids of the 6th Grade Social Studies class. This worksheet will answer questions such as why did the kingdom of Aksum decline, where was the Aksum kingdom located and much more below. Click on the image above or pdf file to download pdf worksheet on questions and answers about the kingdom of Aksum history.

What is the Aksum Kingdom?

A- An ancient kingdom in the Ghana Kingdom with gold and silver.
an ancient kingdom that flourished in north-eastern Africa from the 1st century BC until
the early 7th century AD.

C- An ancient kingdom in South Africa which was full of diamonds.
2. What was the capital of the Aksum kingdom?

A- the city of Aksum
B- the city of Askum
C- Kumas city

3. Aksum ancient kingdom's capital city lies in the northern part of which country today?
A- Eritrea
B- Ghana

C- Ethiopia

4. Aksum was a powerful trading centre which controlled the highlands of northern Ethiopia
and the Red Sea coast of present-day Eritrea.

A- True
B- False

5. Aksum was culturally closely associated in terms of language and tradition with people of
which area?

A- people of southern Arabia
B- People of Sothern Somalia
C- People of southern Asia

6. The kingdom of Aksum was developed from a group of smaller states such as Da’amat which
existed since the 5th century BC.

A- True
B- False

7. Who was the first known Aksumite king?
A- Gedarat

B- Zoskales
C- Azeba


8. The earliest known Aksumite coins, which date from about 270, bear the name of which
A- King Ezana
B- King Endubis
C- King Gedarat

9. Who was one of the most important kings of Aksum ancient kingdom and what was he
known for?
A- King Ezana, extensive military campaigns and the king to converted to be a Christian
which affected the culture of Aksum kingdom.
B- king Kaleb, extensive military campaigns
C- King Gedarat, the spread of Islam

10. In the 7th century, the spread of Islam isolated the Aksum kingdom, limiting Aksumite
influence to its immediate surroundings.
A- True
B- False

11. The Aksum ancient kingdom became a less powerful state in the 7th century and by the 10th
century, the kingdom was fully disintegrated.
A- True
B- False

12. What was the power of the Aksum kingdom largely based on?
A- Military
B- Tradition
C- Trade

13. What were some of the local products exported by the Aksumites?
A- Powder, fish, diamond, silver
B- Steel, foodstuff, guns, woods
C- Ivory, tortoiseshell, hippopotamus hide, spices, incense, gold, obsidian, emeralds and
other precious stones, and slaves.

14. Aksum was famous for erecting large stones stelae (stone pillars) to adorn their tombs.
A- True

B- False