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Apartheid in south Africa worksheet answers pdf

Apartheid in south Africa worksheet answers pdf   Apartheid in south Africa worksheet  questions and answers pdf


In this apartheid in south Africa worksheet answers pdf, you will learn about the global history of the rise and fall of apartheid in South Africa. This will be done by going through the questions of the first page, then having a look at the answer key on the second page which are all in green. These answers key to the history of apartheid in South Africa is suitable for kids fro 4th grade, 5th grade, grade 6, grade 7 and grade 8. Students of higher education can also use this worksheet to improve and evaluate themselves on the topic of apartheid in South Africa. This worksheet answers pdf is free, and can be downloaded by click the image above or by click on the pdf file on apartheid history in south Africa above, and take part in the question and answer session.



1. What is the meaning of apartheid?
A- a policy of racial segregation formerly followed in the USA.
B- a policy of racial segregation formerly followed in the UK.

C- a policy of racial segregation formerly followed in South Africa.

2. What does the word apartheid mean in the Afrikaans language?
A- It means togetherness, and also described the joint white and black administration.
B- It means unique people, and also described the uniqueness of the black administration.

C- It means separateness, and also described the rigid racial division between the
governing white minority population and the non-white majority population.

3. In which year was apartheid introduced?
A- 1910
B- 1948
C- 1990

4. Which political party introduced apartheid?
A- South African Party
B- Purified National Party

C- The National Party.

5. Who was the first apartheid-era prime minister?
A- Frederik Willem de Klerk (F. W. de Klerk)
Daniel François Malan (D. F. Malan)
C- Balthazar Johannes (John Vorster)

6. The apartheid laws classified people according to four major racial groups which are?
A- The white, black, coloured and Asians (Indians and Pakistanis)
B- The white, coloured, Australians and Albinos
C- The Black, Indians, coloured and Aborigines.

7. The apartheid laws prohibited Mixed Marriages, sexual relations between white people
and people of other races, used of same buses, schools, and public facilities.

A- True
B- False

8. The apartheid laws also defined where members of each group should live, the kind of
jobs they should have, and the kind of education they should receive.

A- True
B- False

9. In the laws of apartheid, non-whites were allowed to be represented at the national

A- True
B- False

10. African National Congress (ANC) fought for the abolishment of apartheid.
A- True
B- False

11. Bantustans also known as Bantu homelands were territories in South Africa during the
period of apartheid designated for the black population.

A- True
B- False

12. Apartheid was a system which was condemned worldwide.
A- True
B- False

13. In which year did apartheid come to an end?
A- 2000
B- 1984
C- 1990

14. Which president proclaimed the end of apartheid and the release of the ANC leader?
A- Pieter Willem Botha (P. W. Botha)
B- Frederik Willem De Klerk (F. W. de Klerk)
C- Balthazar Johannes Vorster

15. In which year was Nelson Mandela released from prison?
A- 1990
B- 1992
C- 1995