History Articles

This section consists of several history articles. These articles consist of articles of world history about  several countries of the world. These articles are suitable for all those who want to learn about various and several aspects concerning the history of the world.  This article section contains menus and sub menus with major history topics and various topics published under their individual major topics.

History Articles Major Topics

The major topics in this article section consist of African history, History of American (Early American History, Modern American History, People in American History, Presidents of America, US States), ancient civilization, Asian history, Australasian history, history of Canadian (Canadian history, Canadian prime ministers, Canadian provinces and territories), famous explorers, European history, Latin American history, historical figures, native Americans, wars and battles, and world history. The above major topics in these articles also have their subtopics which are available under their respective menus.

After going through these history articles, you can take part in our history quizzes, history puzzles, and history games in order to test or evaluate your knowledge in the history of the world.  You can as well consult our history worksheets pages on various topics of the history of the world, for questions and answers as well.